Wealth Experts for the Wealth Iceberg

                                           Wealth Experts for the Wealth Iceberg

After the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, UHNW Clients became concerned about the suitability of Investments recommended by their Private Bankers.  

To address potential conflicts of interest, there are now many independent wealth experts addressing UHNW Clients' Investible Wealth - in the form of Independent Investment Advisors and Family Offices.

For UHNW Clients' Business Wealth represented by the hidden iceberg - potentially 80% - 90% of their Total Net Worth - there are similar concerns regarding conflicts of interests about relying on Investment Banks.

Ploutos Strategic was founded by Melisa Lee to focus on this unique niche, offering independent, conflict-free and customised Strategic Structured Financial Solutions to manage the financial risks impacting UHNW Clients' Business Wealth.